Counterinsurgency and “The Hunger Games”

This New Yorker article reminded me why I’ve loved The Hunger Games so much, although it barely scratches the surface.

Forget twelve-year-olds. Suzzane Collins definitely wrote these books for college IR majors. The prose is a breeze to get through, so you can quickly go back to reading your assigned Galula and Waltz and whatnot. The dystopic set-up is deceivingly simple—you can break down the political theory behind it for hours. Friends and I have  definitely spent full dinners arguing over counterinsurgency strategy and torture techniques in Mockingjay. …Don’t even get us started on District 13’s nukes. 

Hunger Games Counterinsurgency New Yorker

Let's Talk About Joseph Kony

An excellent piece by Georgetown SFS student and NextGen Journal contributor Daniel Solomon. 

In order to move past #KONY2012, to promote credible approaches to conflict resolution in Central Africa, anti-Kony advocates need to be prepared to move past the public narrative, past the sexy, and past the action kit. On March 6, hundreds of people told me to take thirty minutes out of my evening to watch Invisible Children’s Kony documentary. If, on March 7, you’re not taking thirty minutes out of your evening to read the International Crisis Group’s November 2011 report on the way forward for stabilization and conflict resolution in LRA-affected areas, you’re not doing your job correctly.

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